Caught Screenings 2012

Saturday, March 24, 2012 1:40pm Garden State Film Festival
Berkeley Kingsley
1401 Ocean Avenue
Asbury Park, NJ
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Friday, March 30, 2012 3:30pm
Women’s International Film Festival Miami, Florida
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Sunday, April 15, 2012 2:45pm Boston International Film Festival AMC Theaters
175 Tremont Avenue
Boston, MA
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Friday, April 20, 2012 4pm
Buffalo Niagara Film Festival
Market Arcade Film & Arts Center
639 Main Street
Buffalo, NY
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My Story

Born in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, NY on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, 1973…Lori is the oldest of 4 and the only girl. She has twin brothers and a younger brother 12 years her junior. Her father is a retired NYC Dept. of Sanitation worker who came to NY from Revo, Italy (northern Italy)
in 1958.

Her Mother is a retired full-time mom who is Italian-American, but born in Brooklyn who did part-time jobs in delicatessens and a health food store while also doing painting in her spare time. Her parents didn’t have much money so Lori never wanted to ask them. She learned early in life the determination and motivation to make her own money.

Lori attended Kindergarten at PS 154 in Brooklyn and attended Immaculate Heart of Mary from 1st through 8th grade. She started selling candy for the school since she was 6 years old. Every year she was the top seller of her class. She also would read comic books at about age 7 and decided to join the Olympic Sales Club to sell Cards and Stationary door to door to make additional money.

When the older kids would play hockey in front of her house in the summer, she would open up her own iced tea/lemonade/kool-aid stand to sell to the kids who would eventually be thirsty. When the winter came, she would shovel snow on the stoops of her neighbors in Brooklyn for extra cash. She also pulled weeds, delivered newspapers (known as the best and the singing papergirl), bagged groceries, returned bottles, had stoop sales and whatever else.

She then attended Midwood High School originally for the Medical Science program because her parents told her if she wanted her dream Merecedes she’d have to become a doctor or lawyer. Later to prove them wrong by playing the stock market and working for Mercedes Benz. Emmanuel Lewis (Webster) was in her gym class at Midwood. Barry Manilow graduated from that high school many years ago. She dropped out of the Medical Science program to take regular classes. Forced into a drama class because there weren’t enough students to fill the poetry class she desperately wanted to take as she started writing since she was 12 and continues to do so today. She ended up having the lead role in Antigone because of that drama class. She had a passion for the entertainment field and tried to get a job in some realm, but nobody would guide her.

Being an avid music fan, she would wait outside overnight to get front row concert tickets to her favorite shows starting at the age of 14. About an hour before the show, scalpers would approach her because she was first in line for tickets. Usually the limit was 6 tickets and she was only buying 2, so the scalpers would ask if they could buy the other 4…she didn’t like them, but she bravely asked, “well, only if you buy my tickets”…and so it began and she started making money with tickets and now has her own business selling tickets. Her parents moved her to Brewster, NY, about an hour north of NYC and she attended and graduated from Berkeley College for Business, while doing a Co-op at Prodigy and IBM.

She started working at Danbury AutoPark, Honda Dealer in 1993 because she wanted to be around people and not be closed in 4 walls. While working she put herself through the CT School of Broadcasting and interned at Danbury, CT WDAQ 9 Q radio station. She then did a commercial for the CT School of Broadcasting that aired somewhere in MA that was done in 3 takes. She also produced, wrote and did a voice-over for Danbury AutoPark. In 1998, beanie babies became a craze….knowing full well about trends and business, she jumped on this bandwagon and started buying and selling beanie babies…meeting old ladies in parking lots late at night selling a $5 plush toy for sometimes $250.

In 1999 she was offered a position at Mercedes Benz. In 2000, went to Western CT State University to pursue a Marketing Degree. After 2 years, she finally decided to move back to Brooklyn to live with her grandmother and her friend April who was a recruiter, would get her into a finance company. During this time, she would constantly see tons of TV shows and Films and would ask if she could be in it….still no such luck.

Being an AVID Mets fan and season ticket holder and knowing a ton of security, her world was about to change. After reading a Page 6 article about Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock were filming a scene at Shea Stadium, she did some detective work. She called up casting, no luck finding out which date. She then decided to take the Mets Media Guide and call casting the next day and pretend she was one of the Mets employees confirming the dates. BAM! She figured they’d go to the press gate to enter about an hour and a half before game time (since she knew this was when the stadium opened) and sure enough she would run into a PA named Daniela. She asked Daniela if she can be an extra for free…she said she couldn’t do it that day, but asked for her card and would get her on another time. Well, she pulled strings with the security she knew so that she could stay after the game was over and all the fans cleared out so they can shoot the scene. An hour later into filming, she ran into Daniela again. Daniela asked her if she really wanted to be in the movie and she said ,yes..being told she'd have to be there until 3-4am. After that, she met 2 girls who told her you get paid to do extra work and how much SAG members were making. They told her to get head shots and a resume and send them out to casting directors. Next thing you know she was working and kept running into Daniela, with whom she became great friends with. 3 months later, she became SAG and started working constantly and started auditioning and got a role on “Third Watch” within 2 years of being in the business. Stay tuned for more things to come.

Has a Martini glass tattoo on her inner right ankle. Plays drums and all sorts of sports…certified scuba diver, avid softball player, bowler, skydiving, dancing, can rap, mountain bike, swim, volleyball, ice hockey, rollerblade etc. Has a weird karmic connection to twins…twins mrun in her family…aunt and uncle are twins..has triplet cousins…her great uncles on her Dad’s side are identical twins.